Data & Reporting

Intelligent customer behavior analytics are just the beginning.

Advanced analytics are no longer just for big-box retailers. AppCard generates a clear-cut picture of your customers’ in-store actions in real time. Comprehensive customer behavior analytics deliver insights that support your sales objectives. AppCard’s machine learning can segment your shoppers more strategically, help you understand their preferences more clearly, identify your best customers and predict those who will churn. The result is targeted communications with your most valuable customers that delivers a higher ROI on every marketing dollar you spend.

Drive measurable results with big-picture customer data analytics.

Effective insights depend on accurate data. AppCard helps you see the whole picture regarding customer behavior. Most loyalty programs capture sales data from members only, but AppCard captures 100% of transactions, regardless of customer enrollment and payment type. AppCard’s comprehensive customer data analytics enable you to quickly expand your perspective and make better informed decisions.

Determine conversion rates instantly by using AppCard to link campaign success to transactions in real time. AppCard’s extensive data set includes valuable member- and non-member transaction information such as:

  • Items purchased and purchase price
  • Time, date, and location
  • Transactions by lane and cashier
  • Tender types
  • Loyalty registration % by cashier and location
  • Product pairings

Smart decisions begin with quality reports.

Obtain accurate, relevant reports that help you make intelligent business decisions. AppCard’s cloud-based system enables you to provide leadership with a holistic view of the entire organization, while empowering individual managers or franchisees to view the health of a specific location. Customizable permissions ensure that the right reports reach the right teams without exposure of sensitive information or time-consuming general data dumps. The entire suite of comprehensive, easy-to-use reports from AppCard provide insight and intelligence that helps you manage your business better.

Marketing & Loyalty Reports

Built-in marketing reports enable you to quickly gauge the effectiveness of every campaign you conduct. An easy-to-navigate dashboard allows your marketing teams to segment customers based on recency of last purchase, frequency, monetary spend, sustainability and profitability. Some of our most frequently used reports include:

  • Customer demographic segmentation
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness
  • New vs. returning loyalty member comparison
  • New vs. returning loyalty member average spend

Business Insight

AppCard tracks 100% of member and non-member transactions in real time to provide you with a 360° view of your business, including:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Revenue reporting and forecasting
  • Basket analysis and product pairings
  • Employee activity and productivity

Instantly convert millions of data points into useful customer behavior analytics.

Works with any POS

Whether you use our fully integrated solution or connect using our compact external hardware, AppCard works with any POS, including these popular systems.

AppCard Gets Results