Case StudiesSeamless Integration between ShopKeep and AppCard

Magic Mix Juicery

The Future of Customer Loyalty

Jil Larsen of Magic Mix Juicery, a juice shop based in New York’s financial district, sought a loyalty program that was simple for cashiers and customers. Seamless integration with AppCard and their iPad POS, ShopKeep, makes rewarding customers quick and easy.

Company Background

  • Company: Magic Mix Juicery
  • Location: Financial District, New York, NY
  • Challenge: Launch an easy to manage loyalty program, integrated with ShopKeep POS


Launch a scalable loyalty marketing program to keep customers coming back

Jil Larsen, Founder & Chief Squeeze at Magic Mix Juicery, knew that she needed a way to reward her valued customers for their business and keep them coming back. After much trial and error, Jil discovered that managing paper punch cards and coupons was proving to be a cumbersome task, and left her with little insight into her customer’s shopping behavior.


Automated, digital loyalty program for ShopKeep

Larsen realized that a digital rewards platform would give her the ability to close the loop on her rewards marketing efforts. “Learning how easy and simple it was to integrate with ShopKeep, was really a no-brainer for me to start using AppCard. I think that the integration is so genius, you don’t have to have another piece of equipment on your counter. When you make the purchase, the points are automatically accounted for.”

Bottom Line

66% of customers enrolled, improved business insight

“Once you start explaining to the customer how simple it is, and that there’s no fees involved, no cards, and really nothing for them to worry about, they get super excited and punch in their phone number right away.”

“Since signing up to AppCard it’s made my life and Magic Mix’s life so much simpler. We’re able to give back to the customer, and they’re really excited about coming in and being able to redeem. For us, being able to track on the back end as well, seeing what the preferences of our customers are, what type of customer do we have, how do we get the customer to come back in store. All of the things that are trouble points for a business owner, AppCard has fixed.”

“It’s really been an overall positive and amazing app to use. And also to have the people that are behind it being personable and being there to help you figure out how to make your business grow and make it better.”

Customer Stories: Magic Mix Juicery