ProLogic offers white papers, brochures and industry articles that explain our loyalty marketing solution and various loyalty marketing techniques.  You can download these PDF copies of the documents described below by clicking the button on right side of this page.  Simply complete the form and follow the link.


UPDATED! The Impact of a Loyalty Program for Grocery Retailers

ProLogic White Paper
Grocery retailers today have the ability to leverage their shopper data to yield powerful insights for their business. Grocers can also improve their ROI on promotional spending by redirecting budget from mass-market advertising to personalized targeted promotions, which have a much higher activation and redemption rate. This white paper will help you to understand the benefits of a loyalty program and its impact on your operational and financial results.

UPDATED! Making Digital Coupons an Effective Part of Your Loyalty Program

ProLogic White Paper
Digital coupons are an important element of a comprehensive loyalty program, but they are not loyalty platforms in and of themselves. This white paper explains the similarities and differences between digital coupons and loyalty programs, and suggests a model by which loyalty principles can be applied to digital coupons, targeting them to specific shoppers and thereby improving their redemption rates and resulting impact on sales growth.




ProLogic White Paper
In the past, retailers measured the performance of their business mainly by product category, but the emergence of loyalty marketing programs has enabled retailers to also track their business using metrics based on shopper information. Savvy retailers are using this information to provide targeted personalized offers to better engage their shoppers and to increase their purchases.


ProLogic White Paper
As the basic principles of loyalty marketing have gained wide adoption across the grocery and drug store industry, retailers can now gain advantage by applying more advanced loyalty techniques to drive their marketing and promotion strategy. ProLogic Retail Services, a leader in loyalty marketing solutions for independent retailers, has prepared this white paper to educate independent retailers about some of the advanced practices in loyalty used by leading retailers today. 


Increase Revenue and Shopper Loyalty with Customized Solutions 

ProLogic Article
ProLogic was recently selected by Retail CIOOutlook as part of their 2016 TOP 10 Retail CRM Solutions Providers.  In addition to receiving this honor, our product and services were featured in this brief article from their magazine.  Our CEO, Ross Ely, discusses the challenges retailers face when working with CRM solutions and explains how the ProLogic has helped to solve those challenges with our years of experience and robust loyalty technology.

ARTICLE REPRINT: Loyalty marketing comes of

Progressive Grocer Independant Article
Author David Diamond makes the case for loyalty marketing in this Progressive Grocer Independent article. He explains that the costs and complexity of managing a supermarket loyalty program have diminished sharply in recent years due to technological advances.  As a result, “loyalty marketing is now affordable and achievable for independent retailers”.  Be sure to download and ready the full article for more details.


How Independents Can "Win" With Technology 

ProLogic Article
A growing concern for independent retailers is how to compete in the fast-paced and increasingly important technology sphere. As large grocery and retail chains drive leading-edge technologies, ProLogic is dedicated to helping independents keep up and succeed.  How can independents stay profitable—and grow—in the face of big chains that benefit from cost advantages they can pass down to their customers and that have a much bigger marketing budget? The key is providing a personalized shopping experience. 

An Effective Customer Loyalty Program is "Ultimate Tie-Breaker"

ProLogic White Paper
In the competitive supermarket industry, profit margins run in the low single digits, and a product priced too high can turn your most reliable shoppers into former customers. This challenging environment makes it essential to cultivate customer loyalty, but even more important to place special focus on the top shoppers who account for the majority of your sales and profits.



ProLogic Solution Overview
Loyalty Express is ProLogic’s basic loyalty marketing platform. It’s designed for retailers that want a self-managed loyalty marketing program with a low level of complexity and cost. It empowers retailers to capture and analyze information about their shoppers, including top shoppers that account for the majority of their sales and profit.


ProLogic Solution Overview
Loyalty Max is ProLogic’s full-service loyalty marketing platform. It’s ideal for retailers that want the highest level of features, support & customization in order to get the maximum results from their shopper data.  With Loyalty Max, retailers can design any number of promotions, including continuity programs & sweepstakes, to retain & grow their top shoppers.

PSK Foodtown Cultivates Big Spenders Via Loyalty Program

Supermarket News Article 
Your best shoppers represent a significant portion of your overall sales.  Do you know who they are?  Have you developed a strategy to retain them?  In this Supermarket News article, learn how Dan & Noah Katz, co-presidents of PSK Supermarkets in Mount Vernon, NY, identify, grow and retain of their best shoppers using the powerful targeting capabilities and rich data gleaned from the ProLogic loyalty solution.

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ProLogic's Real-Time Loyalty Marketing Program

A ProLogic Brochure
Increase shopper loyalty and revenue with a customized solution from ProLogic's Retail Services division. To maximize sales and market sales in today's competitive retail environment, you need to engage your best shoppers with offers that earn their loyalty. ProLogic's end-to-end loyalty marketing solution is the answer. Our platform delivers personalized discounts, points-based rewards and other offers based on analysis of shoppers' purchases and demographic information.