Web Services



ProLogic offers retailers a comprehensive suite of tools they can use to manage their loyalty program.  The tools are useful for building and executing promotions,  as well as developing standard and customized reports to measure the results of the loyalty program.

  • The Promotion Management Tool,  a web-based tool which retailers can use to build both simple and complex promotions.  Promotions can be targeted to store groups, shopper groups or even specific shoppers, and can be triggered based on any shopper characteristic including purchase history, spending level, or specific demographic data such as zip code.

  • The PromoExpress tool, which offers an easy-to-use interface that retailers can use to quickly build simple promotions.

  • The ProLogic reporting portal, which uses the IBM® Cognos® platform for report generation.  The reporting tool offers a web-based interface for retailers to run standard and custom reports to measure the performance of specific promotions, item movement and other loyalty-related metrics.  ProLogic maintains transaction data for two years in our data warehouse to enable year-over-year reporting.

  • The Customer Account Manager (CAM), a web-based tool which enables retailers to manage shopper information in their loyalty program.  Retailers can enroll new shoppers in the loyalty program and edit the information as required.  The CAM tool includes shopper contact information, demographic data and purchase history, as well as points and promotion balances for each shopper.

  • Shopper Connect, a technology which enables retailers to communicate directly with a shopper (through email or text) as a result of specific purchase activity.  For example, a retailer could notify a shopper that she just qualified for a free turkey as a part of a continuity program.