One important benefit of a loyalty program is richer communication between a grocery retailer and its shoppers.  Retailers can communicate news to shoppers about rewards they have earned, their status in the program and new additions to the program, such as promotions or contests.  However, it’s difficult today for retailers to communicate this news and information to their shoppers.  Retailers have to either hope that shoppers check their loyalty status on the retailer’s website or mobile app, or hope that the shoppers read the loyalty messages printed on their paper receipts. 

Shopper Connect is feature of ProLogic’s loyalty platform which provides an easy means for retailers to communicate digitally to shoppers about their loyalty benefits and status.  Using Shopper Connect, retailers can send messages to shoppers automatically and immediately as they earn new benefits and discounts in the check-out lane.  When a shopper meets a retailer-defined trigger (for example, X number of visits, a certain purchase level, or the purchase of a specific product), ProLogic automatically sends an email or text message to the shopper informing her of her new benefits and status.  The message is generated and sent immediately after the checkout process.

Here are several examples of how a retailer could use Shopper Connect:

  •  Follow up a store visit with a personalized thank-you email, which includes details about the shopper’s points balance and fuel rewards status, along with personalized offers and discounts.
  •  Welcome a new member on her first visit, including a special coupon for her to use on her next trip.
  • Congratulate a shopper on achieving a reward in a continuity promotion, such as spending during a certain period to qualify for a free holiday turkey.