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PromoExpress - A quicker and easier way to build and manage promotions

PromoExpress is ProLogic’s tool which enables retailers to build their own promotions.  This browser-based tool features an easy-to-use interface and gives retailers the ability to build, edit and distribute a wide range of promotions.  Examples of promotions that can be created with PromoExpress are member-only item discounts, basket discounts, and multiple list offers (buy items x and y, receive discount of $z).
With PromoExpress, retailers can streamline the process of creating promotions and react quickly to market, vendor or competitive opportunities.  They can create an in-house library of promotions that can be quickly accessed and edited without any third-party assistance.
PromoExpress supports the following types of promotions:

  • Member-only item-level discounts, such as $1.00 off a selected product
  • Basket-level discounts, such as $5.00 off a total basket of at least $100.00
  • Bonus point awards based upon product purchases
  • Basic point redemptions (use points for discounts)
  • Multiple list offers (Buy products x and y, Get $1.00 off)

In addition, PromoExpress offers capabilities for managing promotions:

  • The ability to organize promotions into groups (or folders) that suit the retailer’s needs
  • Set promotion limits by transaction or household
  • Create promotions for one store or multiple store locations
  • Upload and save commonly-used UPC lists
  • Import sets of promotional offers from a CSV data file