ProLogic offers a complete set of standardized and custom reporting capabilities so that retailers can measure the progress and success of their loyalty initiatives.  Retailers access the reports using the IBM Cognos reporting tool, an industry-standard reporting engine which features an easy-to-use browser interface and the flexibility to create customized reports.  ProLogic uses Cognos 10, the most up-to-date version of the reporting tool, which delivers the latest performance, reliability and security.
Below are examples of reports that retailers run frequently to measure their loyalty programs:

  • Activity metrics, such as trips on the card and sales on the card
  • Top shopper metrics, such as numbers of top shoppers, sales to top shoppers and growth of top shoppers
  • New shopper metrics, such as numbers of new shoppers, sales to new shoppers and growth of new shoppers
  • Performance of specific promotions, such as a continuity promotion
  • Performance of specific categories

Retailers can use search features on reports and apply filters to customize reporting for specific date ranges or specific stores.  Reports can be scheduled to run automatically with the formatted reports distributed via email.  Furthermore, the reporting system offers many options for displaying the reports as graphs, charts, dashboards or tables.