PRESS RELEASE: ProLogic Loyalty Platform Now Available on IT Retail POS System

Grocers using the IT Retail POS system can now use ProLogic loyalty solution

DELRAY BEACH, Fl. and RIVERSIDE, Ca., March 29, 2017 -- ProLogic Retail Services, the largest provider of loyalty marketing solutions to independent grocers, and IT Retail, the leading POS system for independent grocers, are announcing that ProLogic’s loyalty solution is now available for grocers using the IT Retail POS. 

ProLogic’s technology enables grocers to understand the dynamics of their shoppers, organizing shoppers into key segments including top shoppers, new shoppers, high-potential shoppers and lapsed shoppers.  With this information, ProLogic works with retailers to create targeted personalized offers to influence the behavior of individual shoppers and groups of shoppers.

IT Retail provides grocery retail POS and back office software that is reliable, scalable and easy to use.  The systems were designed by grocery IT professionals to address the unique requirements of the independent grocer.  To date, IT Retail has sold over 40,000 licenses for their products.

"ProLogic is extremely pleased to partner with IT Retail," said Ross Ely, President and CEO of ProLogic Retail Services. "Independent grocers have been asking us to integrate with the IT Retail POS system and we now have the ability to meet this demand."

“IT Retail looks forward to our partnership with ProLogic," said Bob Henry, CEO of IT Retail. "We can now offer ProLogic’s loyalty capabilities to our customers using the IT Retail POS system."

About ProLogic Retail Services   
ProLogic Retail Services is the largest provider of loyalty marketing services to independent grocers.  Headquartered in Delray Beach, FL, ProLogic has been providing independent grocers with loyalty marketing solutions for over 15 years.  ProLogic's loyalty marketing solutions are currently in use at over 1,700 stores in the US and over 300 stores in Japan.  Over ten million US households are actively enrolled in ProLogic programs through our retail partners.  For more information on ProLogic, visit

Contact: Lance Recker
Phone: (561) 454-7646

About IT Retail   
We founded IT Retail back in 1993 because we believed that the best person to design a point of sale system for grocery was… a grocer. We wanted to build tools and reports that would actually solve problems we had in our own stores! Since then we haven’t looked back, and are still developing and supporting the best grocery POS solutions in the world. No one else can match the combination of software expertise, grocery know-how, and top of the line support that defines the IT Retail experience. For more information on IT Retail, visit

Contact: Kristin Henry
Phone: (951) 312-3920

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