CART Supermarket Loyalty Marketing Guide Podcast


As loyalty marketing continues to gain in popularity and more loyalty providers appear on the retail scene, it is highly important for independent grocery retailers to be prepared to ask key questions of a prospective solution provider so that they make an informed business decision.  

The folks at the Center for Advancing Retail and Technology (CART) understand this very well.  In a recent episode of their new podcast, they conduct an interview with Gary Hawkins, a well-know loyalty marketer in the grocery industry.  During this episode, Gary runs down a list of his "Top 10" questions that every retailer considering a loyalty solution should pose.

You can listen to that podcast on iTunesSoundCloud or using the audio player found on this page.


Once you're finished listening, be sure to contact ProLogic and ask us the questions Gary discussed.  We think you'll find that ProLogic measures up quite well.