ProLogic Retail Services Announces Partnership with Sun Fresh Stores

ProLogic is excited about its newest partnership with Sun Fresh stores.  Sun Fresh is proud to be the stores “Where you get the fresh stuff”.    Sun Fresh is one of Kansas City’s premier grocery stores and a great shopping experience. Sun Fresh Markets has (9) family owned and operated locations. Sun Fresh prides itself on delivering both “Freshness and Friendliness” to their guests.

ProLogic is partnering with  Sun Fresh Markets to offer ProLogic’s  best-in class, real-time, in-lane, multi-channel and digital loyalty marketing solution.  ProLogic has been helping independent retailers to not only to survive but to thrive for the past 15 years! 

Give ProLogic a call at (815) 354-6966 and ask Guy Keller how ProLogic can help you grow your sales and profits!