Active Reports

ProLogic is proud to introduce a new reporting tool to our data analytics toolset.  We call them "Active Reports" which are one of ProLogic's latest methods for providing  dynamic and useful reporting to our customers.  Active reports allow our client partners to explore their own data and derive helpful business insights.  As the name implies, these new reports allow the user to interact and dynamically examine different aspects of a defined dataset using a simple and attractive interface.

Loyalty Activity Metrics Example

 Key features of Active Reports include:

  • Each Active Report is a stand-alone, self-contained file which allows users to interact with all of the content within their report without being connected to a reporting server
  • Engaging and interactive interface that is responsive & easy to use
  • View and print data in different ways
  • Viewable on a desktop browser or iPad*
  • A wealth of data that can be converted into many different professional looking reports at the click of a button
  • Quickly view different data metrics and graphical charts in one report

* separate iPad application required.